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Uncompromising quality is the least we expect of ourselves

We work with each client to gain a total understanding of every communication objective and overall goal. We draw on years of experience and industry knowledge to provide innovative ideas and solutions. We customize services best suited to meet your requirements. Most importantly, we manage the process from creation to completion. This allows you -- our client -- to focus on your big picture and not be bogged down with the numerous details involved with every communication.

What's more, we offer you a full complement of in-house and outsourced state-of-the-art technological resources that ensure the quality, speed and accuracy of every project.

With some of Canada's top marketers, strategists, designers, programmers and production and fulfillment managers on our team, you know the finest people are working for you.

Click on the links below to gain a better understanding of InfoCOM's range of services. Or, to find out how we've helped other companies with their communication needs, click here.

Project Management
Strategic Planning
Offset Printing
Application Programming
Data Processing
Variable Imaging

Project Management

Every communication requires a "specific package" of production services. This usually requires the use of multiple vendors. At InfoCOM, we simplify the communication process by providing and managing all the related services from creation to completion. This saves you time and money.

Working closely with our clients, we take the numerous execution related functions such as evaluating and coordinating technologies, vendors and details, monitoring progress, creating work-back schedules etc., etc., etc., and make them our responsibility. Our clients can then take on more of a management role and less of an execution role in the communication process, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Strategic Planning

Effective communication starts with planning. At InfoCOM we work with each client to understand both the business and communication objectives. As we go through the planning process we consider both short and long-term goals to better understand each specific situation and bring forward solutions that address our clients' requirements and objectives.


Creative design is far more than just a pretty picture. When we develop creative for a communication we consider the many details, requirements, communication objectives, economies and efficiencies of the execution process to provide our clients with a communication that will best achieve the desired results.

Offset Print

Every mailing has a print requirement. For every print requirement there are many considerations - Paper? Coatings? Finishes? Thickness? Grain? Inks? Presses? Images? On-line or Off-line Features? Packaging? The numerous variables can be overwhelming and will compromise the results of the mailing if the wrong decision is made.

For every print requirement there is a specific press best suited to that requirement. By choosing to deal with one specific printer for all your print requirements you are limited to the capabilities of that supplier's printing equipment. These limitations mean you may be paying too much, limiting your design capabilities or increasing turnaround times.

With a list of over 100 Trade Printers, InfoCOM Management will source the printer with the press best suited to your print requirements in a way that is seamless to you. You'll benefit from the highest quality piece at a very competitive price within the timeframe you require.


The successful completion of any job requires the right tools. InfoCOM utilizes the latest document generation software to provide extensive flexibility and greatly reduce development and processing time, now and in the future.

We can consolidate multiple data files, stream data for different languages, offers, regions, etc., give the data a creative element through dynamic design or font format, add visuals such as graphs, add security for lettershop, add variable messaging or dynamic colour… whatever your communication requires. When you work with InfoCOM you are virtually unlimited in programming and design capabilities.

We treat data integrity and confidentiality with paramount importance.

Data Processing

Our focus on accurate data processing helps your customers get the right impression about your company. We perform data processing services such as:

  • Data Manipulation e.g. Data Field Merges
  • Template Creation & Modification
  • Signature & Logo Scanning
  • Address Validation & Correction
  • LCP/NDG Postal Sorts
  • National Change of Address
  • Merge/Purge Input Records
  • Duplication Elimination
  • Run CDMA Kill File
  • Upper/Lower Case Conversion
  • Genderize Files
  • North/South Splits
  • Selects & Assigns
  • Postal Sort Processing

Data & Media Support

InfoCOM is capable of accepting formatted files or raw data sent magnetically or electronically.

  • Raw Data
    Raw Data can be supplied as multi-level records, fixed fielded or delimited files in ASCII or EBCDIC.

  • Print Image Files
    InfoCOM supports all standard software programs on multiple platforms. Send us your Database, Word Processor, Graphic, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Business Graphic or Charting files. We're ready to take the latest versions. We're capable of accepting Xerox, Postscript, PCL or PDF print files.

  • Electronic Transfer Support
    File transfers can be made electronically through our Secure FTP server that utilizes the highest level of firewall security available, via modem, dedicated telephone line or e-mail. We utilize data encryption for added security.

  • Magnetic Media Support
    You can also send your files magnetically via Floppy, Zip, Jaz, or CD-ROM. If your media is in another format, we will work with you to find the best solution.
Variable Imaging

Full Variable Black Laser
InfoCOM's laser systems provide fast black laser imaging that features:

  • Up to 1,200 dot per inch resolution
  • Paper sizes up to 11 inches by 17 inches
  • Paper weights up to 110 lb.
  • Simplex or duplex laser printing
  • Five different input stock types

Ink Jet
Our high-speed ink jet equipment is efficient and flexible, allowing us to personalize anything from a postcard to 10-inch by 13-inch envelopes as well as tabloids and magazines up to 1/2-inch thick.

If labels are your preference, InfoCOM can image and affix labels to your document.

Lettershop Production

At InfoCOM we provide a number of on-line bindery services as well as any off-line services such as cutting, gluing, tabbing or saddle-stitching to name a few of the more common requirements. We can Bi-fold, Z-fold, Letter-fold, right angle fold or combinations of the above. Our folder can also add perforations.

No matter what type of document, financial or marketing, single or multiple page, standard or over-sized, InfoCOM will utilize the lettershop equipment best suited to the communication to ensure integrity, confidentiality and security. We incorporate audits and checks throughout the lettershop process. For those special circumstances where document packages cannot be mechanically assembled our Hand Assembly Department takes care of inserting, whether you require special packaging, matching items, attaching items, or anything else out of the ordinary.

Postal Incentive Rates
When mailing Business Communications, postage is usually the largest part of the overall cost. If your mailing qualifies, we can help to lower postage costs.

Un-addressed Distribution
For some products and services the communication may have a broad target market. For this reason InfoCOM provides un-addressed distribution services such as Direct Mail, Product Samples, etc. Through demographic profiling we can assist in geographical targeting. We prepare the communication to delivery specifications and make the necessary distribution arrangements.


At InfoCOM, we work on behalf of our clients to ensure you are receiving the best possible postage rate. We assist in processing your mail through Canada Post or the United States Postal Service.

Companies are fulfilling more of their business and marketing communication requirements through web site hosted or Internet delivered documents. Our programming tools support the creation and delivery of electronic documents with a focus on privacy.

Distributed Fax Document Delivery
For some communications, a fax may be the preferred medium. Our programming tools support the creation and delivery of fax documents.

Document Archival & Retrieval
Some communications require an archived copy. Our programming tools support the creation of indexed PDF documents.

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